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Our services

In the Firm we have the necessary human and material resources, to ensure the highest quality and excellence in each of the services.

Finance & Accounting

  • Review and / or conversion of financial statements to american principles.
  • Review and / or perform bulletins D-4, B-10, etc.
  • Preparation and / or revision the monthly bookkeeping as well as updates or correct the books.
  • Coordinate the migration to new accounting systems (SAP, Contpaq, etc).

Tax Advisory

  • Monthly review of tax obligations.
  • Fiscal advisory, domestic and International.
  • Fiscal strategy.
  • Heritage fiscal planning.
  • Corporate restructure (mergers & acquisitions).
  • Transfer pricing study.


  • For fiscal and finance purposes.
  • For social security (IMSS) and Housing Fund (INFONAVIT).
  • For Merger and / or acquisitions.

Payroll Outsourcing

  • Review and / or perform all the payroll process and payroll tax payments.
  • Subcontract personal service (no recruiting).

Software Services

  • Analysis and development of auxiliary systems in administrative processes, taxes and accountable.
  • Technical support and maintenance to the administrative systems of computing in action.

Pricing transfer studies

  • Preparation of studies and supporting documentation, in accordance with applicable federal laws.